We believe that excellence is achieved by aligning your personal values with your work. As such, we organize around and advocate for the following:

WHat Services



Showing up as you are, right now

Communicating with openness
and honesty


Nurturing ourselves, in support of…

Our team, in support of…

Our clients.


Rewarding collaboration
over individual heroics

Making others look good


Exceeding expectations

Sweating the details


Assuming good intent

Listening well

Our team

Nick Fogler
Founder & CEO | (he/him)

Fun fact: Lived in a Japanese zen monastery for a year

Spencer Taylor
Director of Analytics

Fun fact: A fly-fishing enthusiastic, once found himself stranded waist-deep in a tropical lagoon he discovered to be infested with crocodiles

Johnathan Brooks
Solutions Architect

Fun fact: Likely the only AWS Solutions Architect who has played semi-pro baseball, and is a top-ranked Super Smash Bros player

David Stocker
Director of Engineering

Fun fact: Took the top prize on the Nickelodeon game show “Make the Grade”

Kelechi Erondu
Analytics Manager

Fun fact: Enjoys playing soccer at Brooklyn Bridge Park and volunteering in his Brooklyn community

Eric Foard
Senior Software Engineer

Fun fact: Builds and drives remote control cars and has released an app to help people find places to drive RC cars

Sarah Wilson
Analytics Manager

Fun fact: Certified Sommelier who loves to share her knowledge of wine

Zankhana Shah
Senior Data Analyst

Fun fact: Scariest and most exciting travel moments have been driving Mt. Washington (6,000 ft) and Rohtang Pass in India (13,000 ft)

Sam Baron
COO | (he/him)

Fun fact: During a 10,000-mile road trip through Mexico, hopped a San Cristobal city bus with the major engine parts from his ‘71 VW van

Matia Wagabaza
Principal Designer

Fun fact: Finished 23 marathons and counting

Dan "Chappy" Chapman
Senior Software Engineer

Fun fact: As a 7-year-old living in Guam, competitively swam a mile from Guam to Cocos Island

Devin Dias
Junior Software Engineer | (he/him)

Fun fact: Breeds and hand tames exotic parrots

Maaz Mushtaq
Senior Data Analyst

Fun fact: Logged over 200,000 miles flown in one calendar year

Aubrie Rice
Senior Data Analyst

Fun fact: Serial hobbyist who can cut and solder stained glass, make jewelry, and develop in a dark room

Heather Lansdell
Senior Data Engineer

Fun fact: Studied photography on scholarship in Rome, worked professionally during school, and continues portraiture and other photography for fun. Latest project is the cover art for a book

Elizabeth Simion
Technical Delivery Manager

Fun fact: Was featured in Women’s Health Magazine for her data-driven approach to losing over 100lbs

Amie Northrip
Business Assistant

Fun fact: Skipped the 3rd grade, ran the NYC Marathon, and was on an airplane that caught fire at 40,000 feet... but biggest life adventure is being mama to two wild boys!

David Brinegar
Senior Data Analyst

Fun fact: Loves mountain biking in the Rockies, and is an Extreme Ironing enthusiast

Ashima Mahajan
Senior Data Analyst | (she/her)

Fun fact: Avid reader who loves traveling and going on nature trails. Before having kids, climbed one of the highest peaks in southeast Asia--Mt. Kinabalu--with her husband

Aaron Lim
Analytics Manager

Fun fact: Petrolhead and passionate mountain biker whose career before IT was a professional studio audio engineer

Lakshmi Gogineni
Data Analyst

Fun fact: Experimenting with growing micro greens. Loves making greeting cards (never purchased one)

Ashley Ailes
Senior Data Analyst | (she/her)

Fun fact: Born and raised in Los Angeles, a huge sports fan who had the privilege of attending Kobe's last game

Victoria Davis
Senior Data Analyst

Fun fact: An avid traveler, has lived in 6 different states in 6 years

Justin Sarnik
Senior Software Engineer

Fun fact: A guitar player for 20 years who recently picked up the piano, has lived in six different US states